Block hackers. Stop intruders. Be prepared. Be safe.

Our custom software solutions allow you to thwart hackers, automatically, giving you total peace of mind.


Our custom intrusion detection & recovery solutions come jam-packed with features, such as:

Signature detection

Anomaly detection

Public logging

Military-grade encryption

Realtime monitoring

Remote kill-switch

Our basic packages come with these features as standard:

Signature-based IDS solutions use fingerprints of known threats to identify them. Once malware or other malicious content has been identified, a signature is generated and added to the list used by the IDS solution to test incoming content. This enables an IDS to achieve a high threat detection rate with no false positives because all alerts are generated based upon detection of known-malicious content. However, a signature-based IDS is limited to detecting known threats and is blind to zero-day vulnerabilities.

Anomaly-based IDS solutions build a model of the “normal” behavior of the protected system. All future behavior is compared to this model, and any anomalies are labeled as potential threats and generate alerts. While this approach can detect novel or zero-day threats, the difficulty of building an accurate model of “normal” behavior means that these systems must balance false positives (incorrect alerts) with false negatives (missed detections).

A hybrid IDS uses both signature-based and anomaly-based detection. This enables it to detect more potential attacks with a lower error rate than using either system in isolation.

Ensure your security on the web

Realtime statistics

Get instant breach reports and alerts, sent right to your mobile phone (iOS and Android apps available).

Take advantage of our database

Our threat database provides hundreds of malicious signatures and IP addresses that can be used to detect anomalous activity on your websites and apps.

Easy install

Integrate our solutions into your web systems in under 30 minutes.

Tuned for efficiency

Our custom solutions are up to 50% faster than our competitors.

Implement custom rules

Customize your firewall and IDS systems inside a drag and drop interface.

Get 24/7 support

Our customer service agents are standing by to mitigate threats in the event of breaches or to help you use our software.


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Free Plan

$0 / mo
  • Basic protection
  • 2 monitoring devices
  • Up to 100 web pages
  • Standard logging
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Starter Plan

$19 / mo
  • Advanced protection
  • 5 monitoring devices
  • Up to 1000 web pages
  • Realtime logging
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Business Plan

$29 / mo
  • Advanced protection
  • 5 monitoring devices
  • Up to 10,000 web pages
  • Realtime logging
  • API access
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Ultimate Plan

$49 / mo
  • Ultimate protection
  • Unlimited monitoring devices
  • Unlimited web pages
  • Realtime logging
  • API access
  • Valet support
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